Tips on keeping heating oil costs down this winter

Tips on keeping heating oil costs down this winter

Energy saving tips are always good to know. But now as the cost of buying heating oil rises and the cold winter weather means we’re using more fuel than normal, there’s never been a more important time to look at where you can cut your heating costs.  To help you lower your heating bills, we've put together some simple and straightforward ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency and the efficiency of your oil fired central heating.  Together, these can cut down on the amount of domestic heating oil you use and save you money.         

Turn down your thermostat:

Change the setting on the thermostat in your home to the lowest temperature that still keeps you comfortable and warm. Reducing the room temperature by just 1°C can cut your annual fuel bill by 10%. It’s also recommended to ensure that your thermostat is accurate as if it’s not it can cause heat wastage.

Get your boiler serviced:

Ensuring your oil central heating boiler is regularly serviced helps make sure it is running efficiently. Having it professionally serviced by a registered OFTEC oil heating engineer can help lower your heating bills by ensuring your oil heating system is operating at optimum efficiency. This is important as even a small drop in performance can add up to a more expensive winter. And in addition, your boiler service will also include a check of your heating oil tank.

Use insulation and draft exclusion:

Making sure that your house is properly insulated will help stop heat from escaping, which in turn means you’ll use less home heating oil. This is why insulation is a vital part of any energy saving plan. Heating can escape from any part of your home but most is lost through walls (35%) and through the roof (25%). But around 15% can also be lost just through draughts so it’s definitely worth going around your house to check to see where you can feel a draught and try to block it.

When it comes to choosing which insulation and draughtproofing to use, there are a number of different options that will help heating efficiencies. These include natural and recycled options that are every bit as good as conventional materials, if not better.

Buy when prices are lower:

As you’re probably aware, heating oil prices fluctuate across the year. At the moment, they’re obviously very high due to what’s happening around the world. But it’s worth remembering that prices usually go up over winter due to increased demand. With this in mind, it’s always best to plan ahead and buy your heating oil before everyone is rushing to fill their tanks.

Premium Heating Oil:

Our specially formulated Premium Heating Oil has been proven to optimise the performance of your boiler. By ensuring your boiler runs more efficiently due to the heating oil additive it contains, it can help reduce running costs compared to using standard heating oil. As part of our Premium Package*, we’ll also pay the VAT on heating oil deliveries to help bring down the cost. Plus, as part of our comprehensive heating oil service, we include carbon offsetting of your fuel at no additional cost when you buy our Premium Heating Oil. In fact, we’re proud to be the first fuel supplier in the UK to offer this green service to our customers.

You can take advantage of our Premium Package* which lets you spread the cost of your Premium Heating Oil across the year with interest-free direct debit payments. This makes it easy to budget and also avoid bigger heating bills over winter when you’re using more fuel. Or try our new Flexi Saver plan for even more flexibility!

Here at Northern Energy, we do all we can to help our customers save money by keeping your heating oil costs down. If you’d like any advice on how to do this, we’re always happy to give you the benefit of our many years of experience. Call us today for a chat on 01423 770 666.

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