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LPG Gas: 

the perfect choice 

Every day, we supply homes with LPG. It’s clean, green and cost-effective - the perfect gas choice if you’re living in a rural area off the grid. 

Family-run and independent since 1932, we’re run today by the great-grandson of our founder whose two brothers work alongside him across the business. And even though a lot...

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Every day, we supply homes with LPG. It’s clean, green and cost-effective - the perfect gas choice if you’re living in a rural area off the grid. 

Family-run and independent since 1932, we’re run today by the great-grandson of our founder whose two brothers work alongside him across the business. And even though a lot has changed over the years, our commitment to providing the best service and value at all times has not.

Here for you

As your local independent supplier, we're on hand to offer you help and advice whenever needed, and our local drivers will treat your property with courtesy and care when delivering your LPG. On time, every time and always with a smile.

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Great! How do I switch?

It's quick, easy and could be saving you money before you know it!

  • 1 Get a quote by calling us or applying online
  • 2 We'll talk to your current supplier
  • 3 We'll tell you when your switch is done
  • 4 Sit back and wait for your LPG delivery!

We've made LPG even greener

We're proud to offer carbon offsetting as part of our service. This means that LPG is now the even greener choice if you're living off grid. Because every time we top up your tank, we'll automatically carbon offset your fuel by funding projects on your behalf around the world which will change the lives of whole communities while reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

We also supply LPG metered estates

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the questions get get asked the most. If you can't find the answer to yours, simply give us a call.

  • Why use LPG?

    LPG is a popular choice for heating homes up and down the country, especially those not connected to the national grid. You may ask ‘What is LPG?‘ – here, we tell you a bit about it and why homeowners use LPG to heat their homes:

    • It’s low carbon
    • LPG emits 33% less CO2 than coal and 12% less than heating oil – with the lowest carbon footprint out of all off-grid fossil fuels
    • It’s clean
    • As a clean-burning fuel, LPG propane is smoke-free and emits very low levels of NOx, SOx and Particulate Matter (PM).
    • There’s a secure supply
    • It’s safe
    • LPG has multiple sources, and is easily transportable meaning it offers a secure, widely available energy source for off grid homes. 
    • It’s versatile
    • LPG can be used practically anywhere for lots of different applications and is an energy efficient fuel for heating and cooking. It is easily stored in an above ground or underground LPG tank, subject to domestic LPG tank siting regulations.
    • Highly efficient
    • Gases inherently offer high efficiency which supports optimised performance in the newest boilers

    Want help understanding LPG? Check out our LPG Jargon Busters blog where we simplifying the language to help you make informed decisions.

  • How do I switch supplier?

    Switching LPG supplier is quick and easy as we’ll do everything for you if you choose Northern Energy as your fuel supplier – the whole process is seamless and you can just sit back, relax, and leave it to us. You most likely won’t even need to change your LPG storage tank.

    All you need to do is check that you’ve come to the end of your contract with your current supplier. Don’t worry if you’re in an exclusivity contract as it can now only run for a maximum of two years. Also, if you find you’re still stuck in a contract, just let us know when it ends and we’ll get in touch nearer the time

    Here’s how to switch to Northern Energy:

    1. Get a quote by calling us or applying online
    2. We’ll talk to your current supplier
    3. We’ll tell you when the switch is done
    4. Sit back and wait for you LPG refill. It’s that simple!
  • How do I switch LPG supplier when on a metered estate?

    Switching LPG supplier needs to be a group decision. Everyone on your metered estate must be out of contract with your current supplier.

    This is why we recommend you first:

    • Check the expiry date of your current contract.
    • Speak with your neighbours.
    • Don’t rush into resigning with your current supplier until you’re sure.

    Remember, if just one home is still in a contract you won’t be able to switch to Northern Energy.

    Once you’re ready to switch, get in touch and we’ll do the rest. It couldn’t be easier  – call us on 01423 772 789 and before you know it, everyone will be enjoying the best service and value possible from Northern Energy.

  • Do I need to be at home when you deliver my LPG?

    When we’re delivering your LPG to you, as long as we can get to your LPG storage tank, then no, not usually.  However, if you wish, we can let you know we’re coming the day before we plan to make an LPG refill in case you need to make access available, for instance.

    You can choose how we let you know – we can e-mail you, send you an SMS text message to your mobile phone, or just give you a buzz – whichever suits you best. All you need to do is let us know and rest assured we’ll contact you in advance so you can be ready for your LPG refill.


  • How can I pay for my LPG?

    Choose from a variety of ways to pay – whichever makes life easiest for you. 

    • By direct debit

    You can make life easy by paying for your LPG by Direct Debit.  Available to all LPG Package* customers you can either make a one-off payment for each delivery or spread the cost over interest-free monthly instalments. Plus you can enjoy VAT paid deliveries, our automatic refilling service and emergency boiler breakdown cover.

    • By Debit Card

    You can pay for your LPG by debit card over the phone with no extra charge for doing so. Please call our accounts department on 01423 770 170 to make your payment.

    • By Cheque

    We’re happy to receive your payment by cheque but please make sure that you write your Northern Energy account number on the back.

    *Terms and conditions apply

  • What are renewable gases?

    They are the future of fuel because even though LPG is a low-energy carbon source, renewable gases (BioLPG (biopropane) and rDME) provide an affordable, convenient, and non-intrusive ‘drop-in’ solution to decarbonisation. 

    We’re very excited to play our part in supporting the Government in its policy to hit net zero by 2050, and in its plans to make renewable gases available to homes and businesses across the country. Especially as they not only produce up to 90% less carbon, but are also renewable as they are made from a range of biological feedstocks and processes. What’s more, you can use renewable gases in your existing LPG boiler so there are no retrofit costs and no need to change your LPG storage tank. They work in exactly the same way as traditional LPG and give instant and affordable heat. 

    Here’s why renewable gases are so exciting:

    • They are renewable, so therefor more environmentally friendly
    • They are made from a diverse mix of biological feedstocks and processes
    • They are low carbon
    • They reduce carbon emissions by up to 90% and carry the same low NOx, SOx and PM as conventional LPG
    • Boilers are renewable gas ready
    • Your existing boiler can use them so there’s no retrofit costs.
    • You get instant heat
    • You can enjoy immediate heat or hot water on tap
  • When will you be in a position to supply renewable gases?

    Renewable gases are on their way. There are two on the horizon, one is BioLPG, and the other is rDME (renewable dimethyl ether). We’re sorry, but we can’t give you an exact date as to when we’ll be able to offer them just yet, although the LPG industry and Liquid Gas UK, the Trade Association for the renewable liquid gas industry), aim to transition fully to renewable liquid gases by 2040. 

    Renewable gases are both renewable and sustainable and can lower your carbon emissions by up to 90%!  What’s more, they are completely compatible with all your existing LPG products, meaning your boiler can already run on them so there are no retrofit or replacement costs – the ideal future choice for homeowners wanting to lower their carbon footprint.  Just fill up your existing tank with renewable gases and you’re good to go green!

    And whilst we’re still waiting for these renewable gases, with the Northern Energy LPG package, we carbon offset your fuel for you and at no additional cost. It’s included with every delivery of LPG we make.

    We’re really looking forward to being able to supply them so you can start using greener fuel. It’s the future and one we’re excited about being part of! Keep an eye on our Northern Energy news and insights page for the announcement.

  • How does carbon offsetting work?

    It couldn’t be easier. Every time we top up your tank with an LPG refill, we’ll automatically carbon offset the CO2 emissions from your fuel by funding climate solutions around the world. We do this for all our LPG Package customers as standard, and there’s no additional cost. You get your LPG tank filled up as usual, and your carbon footprint is reduced – simple!

    And even more exciting is that this is just the start of things to come as we look forward to introducing renewable gases in the near future (i.e. BioLPG and rDME).