Switch LPG Supplier

Time to change supplier or just want better value and service? Well, look no further, because at Northern Energy we’re here to give you more to smile about. Like competitive prices and reliable, friendly service that puts you first.

Can I switch?

It’s easy and hassle free to switch to Northern Energy, especially thanks to changes in legislation. Your contract with your existing supplier just needs to have come to an end. An exclusivity contract can only run for 2 year max, so if it’s longer than that you can still switch.

Switching - The facts

Reliability and affordability

As your local independent supplier, we deliver LPG - on time, every time and always with a smile.

Litres supplied/year
Years in business
Happy customers

Why and how?

Find out more about why and how to switch to Northern Energy, and the future of off-grid energy with BioLPG: