Go Green

Premium Heating Oil 

and why it's better

Saving you money and good for the environment! 

Did you know most home heating boilers become less efficient between services dues to carbon and sludge building up? Worst still, this can lead to costly breakdowns or servicing problems. Premium Heating Oil can help as it is a cleaner burning fuel that makes your boiler more efficient. In addition, it helps stop rust developing in your boiler, reduces fuel degradation and prevents sludge building up in your tank over time.

Benefits for you as well as your boiler

You can enjoy all the benefits of Premium Heating Oil as part of our Premium Package*. This means you can also look forward to VAT paid on all deliveries, our automatic refilling service, emergency boiler breakdown cover for complete peace of mind, and on-line access to your account.

Contact us to find out how you and your boiler can start enjoying the advantages of choosing Premium Heating Oil through our Premium Package.

*Terms and Conditions apply

And it's greener!

Premium Heating Oil isn’t just better for your boiler, it’s also better for the environment. This is because when you start using it you’ll use less oil as it’s more efficient. Which, over a year, can add up to a saving of nearly half a tonne less CO2 being emitted by your home alone. Or to put it another way, 18 less trees are needed to absorb CO2 emitted by your boiler, so instead, they absorb it from somewhere else and help make the world a little bit cleaner!