Heating oil – officially the cheapest form of energy for the last 12 months!

Heating oil – officially the cheapest form of energy for the last 12 months!

Following the release of the most recent energy comparison report produced by the Sutherland Tables, the independent provider of comparative home heating costs, the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers (FPS) has announced that heating oil is the cheapest form of energy for 12 months on the run.

FPSPhotograph credit to www.haulagetoday.com

Chief Executive of the FPS, Mark Askew, commented that ‘The average annual heating costs for home oil users have fallen every quarter for the last three years and since April 2015 the price of domestic heating oil has fallen by 36%’.

Rural Homeowners

Keen to help homeowners get the best out of their heating as we enter the summer months, the FPS has launched 10 top summer tips to help the 1.25 million off grid mainly rural homeowners save money on their energy costs.  Top tips include looking to buy as much as possible during the summer months when prices are often lower than in winter, and looking into cost-effective ways to help you pay for your fuel such as monthly payment schemes.At Northern Energy, we offer monthly interest-free direct debit payments to help you to budget your finances and avoid large bills in the winter months as part of our Privilege Plus Package*.  Additional benefits include an automatic upgrade to our Premium Heating oil, a cleaner and more efficient way to heat your home, vat paid deliveries and emergency boiler breakdown cover.To find out more, contact us on 01423 770666 or visit our website or for the FPS’s full 10 top tips, click here.*subject to terms and conditions