Are You Ready For Winter?

150,000 homes and businesses across the UK use LPG. Many of the customers that The Northern Energy Group supply to are ‘off grid’, often in hard to reach places. Deliveries throughout winter months can often be disrupted by difficult weather conditions. Customers that leave ordering their fuel supplies to the last minute shouldn't be surprised to find that their preferable delivery slot may be unattainable.

 Cold weather in the winter months can disrupt delivery of energy supplies

Special measures for winter deliveries

Over recent years, experiencing bad periods of snow, The Northern Energy Group has gone to the extraordinary lengths of buying in specially adapted 4x4 vehicles to get to oil customers that just can’t be reached by the usual delivery trucks. However if roads have been closed due to heavy snow, even the best adapted vehicles will be turned away. Demand being high during winter months for both oil and gas, the team have to pull out all of the stops to get the much needed fuel out to customers that rely heavily on a responsive, trusted service.

Plan ahead for winter

We can prevent or cut down the risks of running out of fuel when we most need it by thinking ahead. Buying in winter fuel at summer prices not only saves the customer money but avoids the distress of looking across a snow filled lawn at an empty tank. Many customers rely on LPG to heat their business premise and keep their customers warm (cold hands tend to stay in pockets). The customer must consider if they themselves struggle to access their properties during heavy snow, then consider the delivery driver tackling slippery conditions in a heavy six wheel truck.Has your boiler been serviced recently? Gas engineers will also be stretched over the winter months as boilers up and down the country are fired up into a regular cycle. Customers may become aware of new or recurring faults on their heating systems. It is highly advisable that a Gas Safe Registered installer should be called at the first sign of any defects.