Terms and Conditions of Sale

Terms and conditions of sale:

  1. Where the Seller delivers in bulk, it is the Buyer’s responsibility
  2. a) To provide a safe and reliable bulk storage installation which complies in all respects with all relevant requirements of, and regulations made by H.M. Government or other competent authority.
  3. To ensure that the storage tank into which delivery is to be made will accommodate the full quantity ordered without incidental risk to the Buyer’s or Seller’s property, servants or agents.
  4. To provide prompt and safe passage for the Seller’s vehicles, without incidental risk to the Buyer’s or Seller’s property, servants or agents (direct negligence by the Seller’s servants or failure of or defect in their equipment solely excepted).
  5. d) Not to call upon the Seller to deliver if the Seller considers the conditions at the Buyer’s premises unsafe for their vehicles.
  6. The Buyer hereby agrees with the Seller strictly to observe all the conditions of his Petroleum Storage Licence and that he will not allow any smoking or naked lights nor permit any stoves, electric or gas fires, or radiators to function in proximity to a tank or inlet-pipe into which a delivery of spirit is being made or a vent-pipe connected to such a tank.
  7. The Seller reserves the right to make a charge if a scheduled delivery cannot be effected or if a vehicle is unduly delayed at a delivery point provided such aborted delivery or delay is not the fault of the Seller or the Seller’s employees.
  8. The Seller reserves the right to make a charge to the Buyer if due to premature ordering and/or over-ordering the total order cannot be delivered at one time. If an emergency delivery is requested due to the Buyer having completely run out of fuel, the Seller reserves the right to make a charge if upon delivery it is found the Buyer has not run out of fuel.
  9. Where the quantity delivered is less than that ordered due to lack of capacity in the tank the company reserves the right to increase the unit price for the delivery by a minimum of two pence per litre per one hundred litres under delivered.
  10. The Seller’s measurements of quantity will be accepted by the Buyer.
  11. Duty related products supplied must only be used by the Buyer in strict accordance with the current Customs and Excise Regulations and Conditions controlling the same.
  12. Where the Buyer is a commercial customer the products are sold exclusively for his own use or trade purposes only and must not be resold, transferred or disposed of to any other person, firm, company or corporation within the United Kingdom and must only be used by the Buyer in the course of the Buyer’s business.
  13. All packages contain full measures when delivered by the Seller but owing to the volatile nature of petroleum the Seller cannot be held responsible for any shortage after the packages have left the Seller’s premises.
  14. The product supplied will be charged at the prices ruling on the date of delivery irrespective of the date of order. Prices include applicable Government taxes and duties, other than Value Added Tax which will be charged separately. The Buyer will account to the Seller for increases attributable to changes in the rates of such taxes or duties or to the introduction of new taxes or duties which attach to the product at the time of delivery.
  15. The Seller will not be liable for any failure, delay or disruption to it’s obligations if so prevented or hindered by circumstances of any kind whatsoever outside Northern Energy’s control, e.g. war, accident, flood, fire, explosion etc., (Force Majeure). Subject to this Northern Energy and its registered partners may cancel or suspend any of its obligations to the Buyer without liability.
  16. The Seller shall issue an invoice to the Buyer stating the price payable for the goods and also stating a supplement charge as detailed, excluding Blue Chip accounts. The Buyer shall pay the said supplement charge to the Seller if the Buyer had not made payment of the invoice to the Seller by the due date for payment under Clause 11(b).
  17.  The Seller’s terms of settlement are cash, on or before delivery as the Seller may require and any relaxation granted by the Seller may be withdrawn at any time without notice. A priced invoice will either be delivered by the driver at the time of delivery, by email or by mail as soon as possible after delivery. If credit terms are agreed, with the exception of Blue Chip customers, the Seller reserves the right to make a credit charge on any monies not received by the Seller by the due date at the rate of 8% per annum.
  18. The Buyer will indemnify the Seller against any damages, claims, expenses or costs which may arise as a result of the non-observance of these conditions.
  19. When the Buyer has signed a Supply Contract with the Seller, the terms of such contract shall prevail if inconsistent with these conditions.
  20. The property in the company’s products shall not pass to the Buyer until payment by the Buyer to the company of the full purchase price for all products which the Buyer has contracted to purchase from the Company whether under this contract or any other contract, and until such payment the Buyer shall hold the Company’s products in a fiduciary capacity as bailee thereof on behalf of the Company, shall deliver the same up to the Company upon demand and shall not deal with the Company’s products except in accordance with the written instructions of the Company, provided that the Company hereby authorises any Buyer who is a Dealer or Authorised Distributor, on behalf of and for the amount of the Company, to sell on any part of the Company’s products at full market value at any time before the property therein shall have passed to the Buyer and to pass goods title to the same, the proceeds of any such sale to be held by the Buyer on trust and for the account of the Company.
  21. The existence of this account and details of any default that may occur will be recorded with a credit reference agency and may be shared with other lenders for the purpose of assessing further applications for credit by you and members of your household, and for occasionally debt trading and fraud prevention.


This free prize draw is open to Northern Energy domestic customers and prospective customers over the age of 18. No purchase of any product is necessary. 

There are two prizes, one to win 900 litres of heating oil and one to win 900 litres of LPG. 

The closing date for the free prize draw is 12.00pm on 31st August 2022.  Entries received after this time will not be counted. 

The winners will be the first eligible entrants drawn at random for oil and for LPG and will be notified within 2 weeks of the closing date of the free prize draw. 

The winners will be contacted by Northern Energy using the details provided at the time of entry. Northern Energy reserves the right to choose another winner should the original winner or winners not be eligible (at Northern Energy’s discretion.) 

 The prizes must be redeemed within 12 months of the closing date of the prize draw, i.e. by 31st August 2023. 

The winners must have a functioning and suitable heating oil or LPG tank where the prizes can be safely delivered to. 

The prizes must be taken in whole, and can not be taken in part. They are not transferable and there will be no cash or other alternatives available. 

Deliveries must be to a domestic property within the existing Northern Energy delivery area. 

Northern Energy reserves the right to withdraw, amend or temporarily suspend the free prize draw at its discretion. 

By entering the prize draw, all entrants will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by these Terms and conditions. Any personal data you provide will be processed in accordance with GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018.