Why LPG works so well in hotels

LPG Homeheat has seen a steady increase in business from the hospitality trade in rural locations. When mains gas supply isn’t available, many hotels find that LPG is the most reliable source of energy for cooking, heating and hot water. Hotels have the opportunity to lower their carbon footprint and boast about their green credentials in advertising literature, that their business uses a lower carbon emission source of fuel. The second biggest contributor of global warming, Black Carbon (BC) emissions, are reduced when using LPG. LP Gas releases less air pollutants and carbon dioxide than most other fuels. The emissions from a typical household will be reduced by 1.5 tonnes (around 25%) of CO2 per year.In a competitive market, hotels need a source of energy that is reliable with low risk of power cut. Due to websites such as Tripadvisor where hotel residents are quick to judge and document their findings, central heating, hot water, swimming pools and air conditioning must use an energy source that remains constant, a critical ingredient to happy guests.hotel lpg

What's cookin'?

Many chefs prefer to use LPG when running a busy commercial kitchen. When cooking, an immediate heat is given, saving time on ‘warming up’ periods. The heat given is instantly changeable and distributes more evenly across the base of a pan. This improves cooking efficiency and gives more control to the chef. Kitchen hands also prefer LPG as it leaves less black marks on pans, reducing washing up times.LPG Homeheat can supply hotels with bulk LPG and can start supplying to new customers with minimal disruption. With our automatic refilling service, we ensure a constant LPG supply to meet the demands of your business avoiding a lack of supply which can lead to incredible levels of stress, unhappy customers in the hotel, as well as loss of income. Some of our hotel customers use more than one tank in order to fuel different appliances on their grounds.Recent talks on the commencement of fracking may turn the UK into a net exporter of refined products, pushing the price of this commodity down even further.Using LPG cylinders some hotels realise that they can extend the number of covers out to Al Fresco dining. In summer months the same energy source can fuel BBQs and outdoor heaters.