Why can’t I paint my LPG tank?

Let’s be honest, an LPG bulk storage tank isn’t the prettiest of garden features. If your tank isn’t as attractive as you’d hoped, you might be tempted to go about camouflaging or giving it a ‘spruce up’.Although it is important that your LPG tank is looked after, painting your tank must only be done by the experts.

LPG tank Grass 2

You mustn’t paint the LPG tank in your garden for a number of reasons;

  • The main coating used on LPG vessels in recent years are: zinc metal spray plus wet paint system and powder coating system (zinc rich primer plus top coat). These are not straight forward methods of painting and require specialist equipment.
  • The colour of the LPG tank is very important as it keeps the contents cool by reflecting away the heat of the sun. Dark colours absorb more heat than pale. By changing the colour to a darker shade, the temperature will rise to a point where the PRV (Pressure Release Valve) activates, which will result in a gas escape and may cause an explosion.
  • In the majority of cases the LPG tank is the property of the gas supplier.
  • The tank may not be recognised as a potentially dangerous object.
To uphold safety and appearance, Northern Energy maintains their LPG tanks every 3-4 years.If you have any further questions on the maintenance of LPG tanks please get in touch.