Who Uses LPG?

With most people connected to mains gas, using liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) can feel like a lonely experience. But when you take a closer look, people all over the world are using LPG for all kinds of purposes. So, who exactly uses LPG? Mother Child cooking baking

Home Owners

Not all homes are connected to mains gas, meaning that some people need to look to alternatives for heating and cooking. Even if you do have the option of natural gas, though, there are lots of reasons to use LPG, and over 150,000 homes in the UK are already taking advantage of the benefits. Because LPG emits far fewer particles in the air than many other fuels, it helps environmentally conscious home owners reduce their contribution to global warming.  It can also prove far more convenient than fuels like heating oil. You don’t have to keep buying LPG by the tank, as your supplier will simply keep you filled up at all times. When there’s limited space, LPG storage doesn’t have to take up any room in your home or garden. It can be kept underground, and doesn’t produce any nasty smells. ties

Business Owners

All kinds of business owners use LPG to keep things running smoothly, and commercial LPG is a popular choice.  Hospitality businesses often use LPG as it is a versatile, clean burning fuel that makes it easy to heat large volumes of air and water at once. LPG is also frequently used in agriculture. Again, its versatility and efficiency allows it to be used on a large scale for a range of processes, from heating poultry sheds to drying crops.  Factories use LPG in many of ways, from powering fork lift trucks to heating large spaces. Factory owners even rely on industrial gas suppliers for intricate manufacturing processes, including powder coating and profile cutting. hat


A chef who uses LPG certainly knows the benefits of cooking with LPG. It ignites instantly, gives direct heat to cooking utensils, and allows precision control for perfect results.  It is also comparatively clean burning, saving both the environment and your cooker in the long run. Renault Clio 172 Rally

Car Drivers

For drivers who want to limit their impact on the environment, LPG is an obvious choice. It emits far less CO2 than petrol and diesel, as well as less pollutions.  You also go further with LPG as, once you’ve invested in an LPG tank, it is a lot cheaper. You can now fill up wherever you are, with over 1,400 refuelling stations across the UK.

Famous People

LPG isn’t just the first choice for millions of ordinary people around the world, but for some of the most famous as well. The Queen has four cars running on LPG autogas, a Rover, a Daimler, and two Rolls Royces. While there are now plenty of autogas stations around the UK, she has her own private refuelling facility at the Royal Mews.  LPG is also the preferred type of fuel for political leaders, including the US President, and the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of the UK.