Where is LPG used?

Fossil fuels, including gasoline, petrol, and diesel fuels, are bad for the environment. Scientists understand these fuels are one of the reasons for global warming. Gasoline, petrol, and diesel cause greenhouse gases (CO2) to rise into the earth’s atmosphere. Unlike these fuels, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is an earth-friendlier fuel solution:--LPG is comprised of propane and butane. Its lower carbon:hydrogen ratio (C3H8) and (C4H10) make it less harmful to the atmosphere and planet.--LPG is potentially less toxic than conventional fuels and reduces non-methane NMHC emissions.where is lpg usedAccording to the “Oil & Gas Journal,” Mexico has the world’s highest per capita LPG residential use. Mediterranean Europe’s residential use is growing faster than northern Europe, though residential use continues to climb throughout Europe and the UK. Because propane is more readily available and less expensive than petrol-gasoline, more people in most countries around the world want to figure out more ways and places to use it, including:

Light-duty vehicles

LPG can be used to fuel light-duty vehicles for passengers. Larger vans or trucks may be ordered with prep/conversion-ready engine packages for LPG fuel use. Individuals and families may also choose to convert an existing vehicle's engine (designed for petrol or diesel use) to LPG utility. LPG conversion in this instance requires installation of a two-fuel system that runs on either petrol or LPG, or a replacement system that runs on LPG alone.

Refrigeration and Appliances

The numbers of LPG-fueled appliances continues to increase and, because LPG is so energy-efficient, it's ideal for many types. Ovens and cookers are obvious choices. Caravan-owners also use LPG to fuel on-the-road cooking and heating.

Centralised and Localised Heating

Lower cost LPG is a great centralised heating solution. Some homeowners and property managers are converting from carbon-based home heat platforms because LPG is both less expensive and better for everyone. LPG-fueled patio heaters are also practical and becoming more popular with residential customers.


LPG is an alternative fuel that's more easily incorporated into how people live today. It's a great choice for those hoping to lower bills whilst incorporating earth-friendly, green-living practices at home.