Weathering the worst of winter

Winter is always a time when you appreciate delivery drivers and the important work they do. Especially so after the recent year we've had with a shortage of qualified drivers meaning some everyday items ran low in supermarkets and panic buying at petrol stations hit the headlines. With all this happening, we thought that as your local home heating oil and LPG supplier, it was a good time to take a closer look at our own delivery service and the many safeguards we have in place to ensure that no matter what the weather or current situations around the world and at home, you can count on us for your domestic heating oil and LPG.

It was back in September when we all had to queue at petrol stations to fill our cars with fuel as panic buying was spurred on by the news reporting an ongoing lack of HGV drivers. Now, one good thing that might come out of all the negative media coverage is that more people are likely to train as HGV drivers and join the industry. Which is good news for everyone, including us, as we're always happy to welcome new HGV drivers eager to do their bit.

No shortage of drivers here

Whilst it might be true that across many industries - including ours - there is currently a shortfall of qualified drivers, it's not the case at Northern Energy. We have a full complement of highly trained individuals, some who have been with us for many years. You see, unlike other companies, we don't use contract drivers, but instead we have full-time staff. As well as meaning we have enough people to drive our trucks, there's also the benefit that they're local to the area, know where you live and how best to get to you in the worst of weather, and when they reach you they know how to look after your property.

Investing for the future

As well as investing in great drivers, we also continually invest in new oil and LPG wagons as part of our long-term approach to our business and industry, as well as our commitment to giving customers the best service at all times. In addition, we have our own well-equipped garage managed by our highly skilled mechanics who ensure each and every truck is in tip-top condition and keeps on rolling.

Delivering fuel whatever the weather

Of course, as a heating oil and LPG supplier, having drivers and wagons to drive them is irrelevant if we haven't got any fuel to deliver. To ensure we always have a continuous supply, especially during periods of high demand, we have contracts in place with the fuel refineries themselves. This means we can always look after both our domestic and commercial customers all year round.

So, as we have no shortage of fuel, wagons or drivers, we can always deliver. And even though we pride ourselves on not letting the worst of the weather get in the way, there is always the odd blizzard that sends the country into gridlock with cars and lorries stuck on the side of the road and warnings not to venture out. On the rare occasions this happens, we have LPG and heating oil emergency options in place for the unlikely event that a customer has run out of fuel. The first is our 4 x 4 emergency vehicle for heating oil users, while for an emergency LPG refill, we have numerous members of trained staff with access to standard 4 x 4's who can tip LPG cylinders into tanks. In addition, we also have kerosene fuel boxes for emergency situations which can be collected from our Head Office and poured into heating oil tanks. Whilst it's seldom that anyone runs out of fuel, we're ready and waiting for when it does happen with our emergency phone line open 24/7. As happened on Christmas day in 2019 when a customer unexpectedly ran out of heating oil and one of our directors came to the rescue by jumping into a wagon and delivering the fuel in person, rather than asking a member of staff to come in and do it.

Even though it's thankfully uncommon for customers to run out of fuel, it is easy to run low and panic as you've forgotten to check your tank in a while. And when you do realise, it's normally at the worst possible time with fuel needed ASAP, whether you need a home heating oil or LPG delivery. To avoid this and give complete peace of mind, our auto-refill service provides a consistent and reliable topping up of your fuel tank. As we do it all, including scheduling regular deliveries, you never have to take that cold, wet walk over to your tank again to check your fuel level. 

Going above and beyond

As you can see, we go to great lengths to ensure that you get your fuel delivered no matter what. In fact, last winter 99.8% of our top up deliveries arrived on time. It's something we're very proud of as we aim to provide a level of service that goes above and beyond the norm. This commitment to customer care is reflected in our Feefo review score of 4.8* out of 5. Click here to find out what our customers are saying about us.

Like you we know how important your home heating oil and LPG is to keep you warm and snug. Which is why you can trust us to be there for you come wind and rain, sleet and snow, and everything in-between. As can local businesses, because as well as being a domestic supplier, we also deliver to companies big and small who also rely on us.