Ways to Save LPG this Winter

As the autumn chill sets in many people are faced with the difficult decision of whether or not to turn their heating on. The following tips will help you to cut down on your LPG consumption and reduce your bills whilst staying warm over the winter months. Small changes can make a big difference in helping you save LPG.

Save LPG by servicing your boiler

Your boiler should be serviced annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Gas Safe is the official register of gas engineers who are qualified to work safely on gas appliances. A boiler is most efficient when it is in good condition, so it is important is checked at least once a year.

Save LPG by making small changes

By making some small changes you can make big savings on your annual LPG bill.
  • Close your curtains and doors in the evening to keep the heat in.
  • Use a draft excluder along the bottom of the doors. These come in all kinds of designs, and can make a cosy winter accessory for your home.
  • Have more showers instead of baths. By having a shower you are using only a third of the energy used to heat a bath, knocking £50 off your annual bill.
  • Ensure your radiators are not blocked or covered in any way, so that the maximum amount of heat can be given off. Don’t place furniture in front of radiators, so the heat is able to move around the room easily.
  • Insulate your loft. According to the Energy Saving Trust you could save a whopping £180 per year by having your loft insulated. To find a list of installers in your area, visit the National Insulation Association.
  • Use energy saving light bulbs. They can save you up to £100 over the lifetime of just one bulb, and can last up to 12 times longer than a conventional light bulb.
  • When cooking, ensure you cover the pan with a lid to reduce heat loss. This is such an easy change to make, but it really does help save LPG.
  • If you have a timer, set it so that the heating and hot water is turned off half an hour before you leave the house, so it’s not on when you don’t need it. Incorrect settings can result in wasted energy and wasted money.
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