What are the benefits of using heating oil for the home?

What are the benefits of using heating oil for the home?

The majority of households in the UK are connected to the mains gas grid. However, there are approximately four million that are not. If you are one of those then you could benefit from using domestic heating oil (kerosene) as your mains gas alternative.

You own the tank

With other types of home heating fuels like LPG gas, the tank is usually rented from the LPG supplier. The cost of renting an LPG tank varies from supplier to supplier. With heating oil the tank is usually bought when the heating system is installed, and as such there is no on-going tank rental fee to pay.Another benefit of heating oil is that once your oil tank is purchased it is usually covered by a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. Always double check this with your tank supplier before purchasing your tank.Most heating oil tanks are now ‘bunded’. This means that the tank is effectively 'a tank within a tank', making it more secure and reducing the risk of an oil spillage, providing the tank is in good condition.

The prices vary

The price of heating oil can fluctuate from day to day but there is an advantage to this! You have the option to buy oil when you are happy with the price. Heating oil for the home is one of the only fuels that has dropped in price over the past three years, compared to other sources. It is often assumed that the price of oil is higher in the winter and lower in the summer and, although this is sometimes the case, price rises are often a result of world issues. For example, in September 2013, whilst tensions rose in Syria, its oil output dropped to a 10th of its normal amount which caused oil prices to suddenly spike for consumers in the UK.

You can benefit from having a regular supplier

Some people may be happy to buy from a different supplier for each delivery they order. However, there are often more benefits if you purchase your oil on a regular basis from one supplier. Many suppliers offer different payment plans to help you manage the cost of your deliveries. By paying for your oil by direct debit it  helps ensure you never miss a payment and also saves on postage costs if you were to send a cheque. Some suppliers offer an automatic refill service taking the pressure off you having to call and order your fuel when your tank is low. Once the supplier has established your pattern of usage they can schedule your deliveries for when you need them and also when they have other deliveries in your area, helping to cut down on carbon emissions from transportation.

Heating oil for the home can be used in conjunction with renewables

If you are keen to reduce your heating oil consumption and reduce your carbon footprint, you do have the option of using your heating oil alongside a renewable energy source. There are both pros and cons in choosing to heat your home in this way. One of the disadvantages is that in the colder and darker months the solar panels may not hold enough energy to sufficiently heat your home. Heating oil would need to be used during high-demand periods. The cost of installing solar panels can also be quite pricey.