What are the benefits of cooking with LPG?

What are the benefits of cooking with LPG?

Liquefied Petroleum Gas is a versatile fuel, great for keeping you warm and cosy in the winter, and providing hot water for showers and baths. It is also a brilliant fuel for cooking, whether on a hob or barbecue. So, what are some of the benefits of cooking with LPG?Mother Child cooking baking

Instant ignition

No one wants to have to try again and again to ignite their cooker. Waiting for a hob to heat up is also irritating.LPG provides instant heat on ignition, so that you can begin cooking right away. For many meals, you cannot start cooking until your pan is piping hot, so using LPG drastically reduces waiting time.

Easy to control

For precision cooking, quick and easy temperature control is a must. Many recipes mean that you need high heat to begin with, but also the ability to quickly reduce the temperature. You may need to stop the heat immediately to avoid burning, or just turn it down to simmer a sauce. Whatever you’re cooking, the ability to be precise when cooking with LPG is a bonus.LPG flames are also very visible, meaning that accidents are far less likely. Especially when there are children around, it is important not to have any risks that aren’t immediately visible and avoidable. Being able to see the flame also helps you to judge when you are using the right amount of heat for your cooking.

Direct heating

Using hobs requires you to wait for your pans to conduct heat. Along with waiting for the hob to become heated itself, this can delay your cooking.Get cooking right away when cooking with LPG, as the flames provide heat direct to your cooking equipment. This makes LPG the first choice for professional chefs, who need quick, precise heat.

Clean burning

LPG is better for both you and your environment. It is smokeless, and leaves no marks on your pans for you to clean up.LPG produces less CO2 than other forms of fuel such as electricity, and is more efficient than natural gas, so you can also rest assured that you’re benefiting the environment when cooking with LPG.

A longer life for your cooker

Because LPG is so clean-running, it can help your cooker to last longer. The lack of residue keeps your cooker cleaner inside, preventing build-ups that cause components to stop working.So, the next time you are looking for a new cooker, perhaps consider using LPG.