The advantages of Premium Heating Oil

The advantages of Premium Heating Oil

We sometimes compare Premium Heating Oil (PHO) to the choice you make at the petrol pumps, standard or premium (super, ultra, Opti or V-Power). We are told that premium petrol can give us more miles, make us go faster and actually clean the inside of the engine.

So what does this mean for my boiler?

Premium Heating Oil will do a number of different things inside your boiler that (over time) will make a difference. PHO starts out life as standard kerosene which means it will mix with any existing kerosene in your tank. The fuel is then mixed with a number of additives. The additives help your boiler run more efficiently, stopping the build-up of deposits and reducing boiler service issues.Boiler Vector heating Premium heating oil comes at a very small additional cost but this can usually be out-weighed by the savings made from greater efficiencies and reduced maintenance costs.

Explaining the additives in Premium Heating Oil

Anti-oxidants - keep fuel fresh for longer. The formation of carbon particles is slowed down which left alone will create a black sludge at the bottom of your oil tank Dispersant - gradually clear away any existing sludge from your tank. If your tank is nearly empty when you get an oil delivery the sludge will be disturbed and mix with the new oil. This sludge can find its way into your boiler and cause problems. By using an additive, on average, about an inch of sludge can be removed over a 12 month period. Detergents - keep vital heating components clean. The nozzle inside your boiler is vulnerable to soot build-up. This integral part of your boiler sprays fuel across onto a heat exchanger. If it is blocked with carbon deposits it will not operate efficiently. We offer a similar fuel for customers with range cookers (such as an AGA) to protect the wick from soot. Corrosion inhibitors - prevent rust. These will increase the life of the metal parts in your heating system. Metal de-activators - help reduce fuel degradation caused by the interaction with yellow metals within your fuel system. Fuel stabilisers - will inhibit deposits from forming when fuel is heated by the sunshine.

In Conclusion

Using Premium Heating Oil will help your oil tank, copper piping and boiler perform at their most efficient, reduce your fuel usage and save you money. From point of delivery to the fuel being burnt off, the additives are fighting sludge build up, corrosion and degradation.