Switching from oil to LPG fuel

Both heating oil and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) are used to heat homes that lack a mains connection to natural gas. However, switching to LPG has a number of advantages.Here are some of the best reasons for switching from oil to LPG.When LPG is used in generating electricity as well as cooking and heating, it is described as combined heat and power (CHP).  It is compressed up to 250x volume and delivered in pressurised steel containers. Unlike natural gas, LPG is heavier than air -- it can flow and sink in low areas such as the basement. This has attendant risks of explosion or suffocation.

LPG and the environment

LPG is a mixture of hydrocarbons, mostly propane and/or butane, and has a number of environmental benefits over other common fuels. Refined from natural gas or petroleum, it burns without soot and with low emissions of sulphur. As it readily evaporates, there is no concomitant risk of water or ground.Although LPG is a greenhouse gas, it produces less carbon dioxide than oil or coal. Naturally non-toxic, it is one of the cleanest, greenest burning fuels available, which is one of the biggest reasons for switching from oil to LPG. LPG use produces up to 90% less carbon monoxide and 50% less smog compared with natural gas use.

The convenience of LPG

LPG is delivered in pressurised, portable tanks, meaning it can reach areas where mains gas cannot. Because LPG is a non-contaminating fuel, it can be kept in large underground tanks, out of sight. This means that there is far less risk of theft with LPG than with heating oil, which has seen a large increase in garden thefts over the last five years.It is also quite safe. As LPG usually contains an odorant, such as ethanethiol, any leaks can be quickly detected by smell.Boilers using LPG are more convenient than other boilers, as they take up less space and require less maintenance. They also have the advantage that, should the gas main extend to your site in future, all existing LPG appliances and boilers can remain in service - no replacements required.

LPG’s popularity

Countless people throughout the countryside rely on LPG every day. It powers grills, furnaces, fireplaces, water heaters and other appliances. Farms, hotels, restaurants and numerous other commercial establishments, as well as homes, depend on LPG.LPG is especially popular as a fuel for cooking because it is ignites quickly, is easy to control, and delivers direct heat to cooking appliances.

Switching from oil to LPG

LPG clearly has numerous advantages over heating oil. It produces instant, controllable heat, and can be used in countless ways, outdoors and indoors. Because LPG burns cleanly and efficiently, and cannot spill, it is better for your health and the environment.If you decide on switching from oil to LPG, all you need to do is contact the supplier of your choice and they will talk you through the process, assess your needs and offer you a package specifically tailored to your usage.