Minion Misleading Mischief

The Minions' brightly coloured brand of gibberish-fuelled insanity has found its way into our homes under a number of different guises recently, but this time they've gone too far!According to UKLPG (the trade association for the LP Gas industry) some people are converting empty LPG cylinders into the brightly coloured characters. The trend started due to the similarity in size and shape of cylinders to the Minions. It would seem the creativity does not stop at just painting the cylinders, some users have been showing off their talents by turning the cylinders into log burners, art installations and BBQs. As harmless as this sounds, it could be placing LPG cylinder users in harm’s way.MINIONSUKLPG laid out a stark warning that “individuals may be taking their lives into their own hands by converting gas cylinders into wood burners and art installations based on the Minions, as well as other well-known film and TV characters”.The gas cylinders belong to the gas providers, it is therefore breaking the law by defacing or cutting into them. The cylinders themselves hold a very good safety record and are remarkably efficient at the job they were designed for but we mustn’t lose sight of the potential dangers around cylinders. Even if a cylinder appears empty, cutting equipment may find gas residue which of course is highly flammable.MINION GAS CYLINDER

Why can’t I paint my LPG cylinders?

  • You don’t own the cylinder, it is the property of the gas provider
  • There is now a standard colour coding system in place to identify the contents of the cylinder and its potential threat as a hazard (such as flammability) in an emergency
  • Any labelling information such as ownership, contents, size and pressure will be lost
  • The Cylinder may not be recognised as a potentially dangerous object