How do I maintain my heating oil tank?

How do I maintain my heating oil tank?

The following information will provide you with tips on maintaining your oil tank.

Checking your oil tank

It is important you have your oil tank serviced annually by an OFTEC registered engineer, OFTEC is the industry regulator for oil and gas. Your supplier may be able to recommend a good engineer but if not then click here to find one in your area. Oil Tank Graphic As well as having your oil tank serviced annually there are checks you can carry out yourself all year round to ensure your tank is well maintained:

  • Look out for signs of damage such as cracks, deep scratches, rust, dents or any discolouration.
  • Keep an eye out for any oil that has leaked out around pipes, valves and seams.
  • Ensure all external access points are closed and protected to keep out water and dirt.
  • As oil is extremely harmful if it is leaked into the environment make sure the area around the tank is kept clear.
  • Make sure gauges are working correctly. If you are in doubt, contact your supplier.
  • If your oil will be staying in your tank a long time without being used, ask your supplier for an additive to prevent a build-up of sludge in your tank.

The importance of maintaining your tank

Maintaining your tank is essential as oil can be seriously harmful to the environment if it were to leak. Water, plants and animals can be harmed if they come into contact with oil. Any issues with your tank should be reported immediately as it is against the law to cause pollution. If you believe your tank is leaking you can call the Environmental Agency who have a 24-hour hotline (0800 80 70 60).

Heating oil in winter

All heating oil customers are urged to purchase their oil before winter if they are not on a top up scheme with their supplier. By entering winter with a full tank of heating oil you will have constant access to heating and hot water when you need it and will not be at risk of running out.