LPG Supply Contracts: Consumer Protection

Whether you are new to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or you’re switching supplier for the first time, you will need to sign an exclusivity contract.After you have signed the contract, you are required to stay with the same supplier for a maximum period of two years. When you are coming to the end of the two year period, your supplier must notify you so you have the chance to decide whether you would like to re-sign with your current supplier or switch to a new one. As the tank is owned by your supplier, only your supplier is able to deliver gas into the tank.Signing a supply contract also gives you, as a customer, a number of protections provided under the consumer law. In terms of the price you pay, this must be clearly stated in your contract including any fixed price offers advertised to you at the time. If the price of your gas goes up above the amount stated in your contract, you have the right to cancel your contract and switch supplier.You must be given clear notice of any changes to your account, whether it’s a change of price or if your contract is coming to an end.There are additional benefits of being in an exclusivity contract which include being put on a top up service, which minimises the risk of running out of LPG and you will also be offered a monthly budget plan to help you cover the cost of your LPG.For further information on your LPG supply contract, visit the UKLPG (The trade association for the LP Gas industry) website.