Benefits of Using LPG in the Catering Industry

Whether you run a large busy restaurant, mobile takeaway, small rural café or large commercial kitchen, LPG ensures an instant controllable and above all reliable cooking and heating source. LPG’s versatility offers an effective source of energy for industrial, commercial and hospitality sectors, offering both economic and environmental advantages. Our commercial LPG customers are very clear on what they need from us; they need an energy supply that is reliable, affordable and constant. At Northern Commercial LPG we recognise the importance of a reliable heat source delivered by a dependable service. The use of LPG within the hospitality industry is ideal, especially for cooking. It is so versatile and easy to control. The LPG flame is instant and offers an immediate cooking temperature. The blue LPG flame burns brighter and cools quicker than conventional mains gas cutting down on accidents. The heat produced from LPG is evenly spread across a hob, giving an even cooking area. LPG produces less black marks on the underside of pans, due to a lower carbon output, cutting down on cleaning times and the need to replace cookware. Due to the small amount of water vapour released from LPG, baking remains succulent and moist. Northern Commercial LPG offers its own installation service, making it really easy for customers to switch. With minimum disruption to your business’s gas supply, our engineers can install the tank, or tanks, and also all the external pipes and valves needed. In a busy working environment, there’s no time wasted re-ordering your fuel; we can make regular top up deliveries to match your business needs and requirements.

Hotel Case study in County Durham

This Hotelier experienced a lack of consistency with the national supplier’s delivery pattern resulting, on several occasions, in having no LPG gas. This caused incredible levels of stress and very unhappy customers in the hotel, as well as loss of income. We pride ourselves on having a very efficient emergency call out service and respond almost immediately on the very rare occasion that a situation may occur. This makes us a great choice for hospitality organisations. Annual Usage: 30,000 Litres Tank Arrangement: 2 x 2200 Litre above ground tanks

Outdoor Catering

As a versatile fuel source, LPG offers hospitality businesses the opportunity to extend drinking areas and al fresco dining with patio heaters and BBQs, keeping customers warm and happy.