How to cut the cost of your energy bills

According to the energy regulator Ofgem, the average household spends approximately £1,420 per year on energy bills. There are simple changes you can make to your home to make it more energy efficient in order to cut down on your bills.

  • Exclude drafts- check doors, windows and chimneys for possible gaps where heat may have an escape route. Any gaps can be blocked with draft-proofing products. Skirting boards can also be fitted with silicone sealant. Consider insulating your loft and walls if there are not insulated already, you could save up to £320 a year.
  • Be careful with your appliances- Making simple changes to the use of your appliances can save you money. For example by turning your washing machine onto 30 degrees, only use your tumble dryer when you can’t hang your clothes outside  and don’t overfill your kettle.
  • Change your light bulbs- By changing your regular light bulbs with low energy ones you could save £60 a year. These bulbs can be found at your local DIY shop or in local supermarkets. For more information on which light bulbs are best visit the Energy Saving Trust website.
  • Change your routine- By making little changes to your daily routine you could save energy without even realising it. Turn off the lights when you leave a room, the moment the light is off it doesn’t use any energy. Have a shower instead of a bath, it uses less water.
For every small change you make the more energy you will save. For more energy saving tips visit the Energy Saving Trust’s website.