Government approval announced for renewable energy projects:

Eight major renewable energy projects, which are expected to support 8,500 jobs, have been given government approval under the government’s energy market reforms.The projects include 5 offshore wind farms and conversions of 3 coal-powered plants to run on biomass.Ed Davey, Energy Secretary, said the projects that will help power up to three million homes are expected to attract £12bn in private investment and will add nearly 5% to the UK clean energy supply.Mr Davey said ‘These are the first wave of our reforms, designed to stimulate investment in low carbon energy, but in a more affordable way than previously.’He told the BBC’s Today programme ‘these investments are critical to make sure we have got secure, clean energy’, pointing to energy supply issues arising from the Ukraine crisis.The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) is forecasting that energy efficiencies in the UK will continue to offset population growth, so that we will use about the same amount of energy in 2030 as we do today.