Counterfeit Oil Level Monitors

Warnings have been issued over counterfeit oil level monitors entering UK and Irish Markets according to the Oil Fired Up website. Tests on the fake goods revealed serious electrical safety failings, with potential to cause serious damage and injury. It was discovered the products were being sold on and offline falsely using highly reputable brand names. fake copy fony lie Strenuous efforts from reputable oil equipment manufacturers and installers mean that heating oil is a safe and responsible fuel choice. This latest discovery has shocked the industry that works so hard to maintain high safety standards. The counterfeiters claim their product complies with European and international safety standards, but following the discovery of fundamental electrical safety flaws, this has been proven false.

Customer Safety

Kingspan Director Mr David Anderson says, “At Kingspan, we prioritise the safety of our customers above all else and all Watchman products have been independently tested to ensure they exceed all applicable safety standards. “As a responsible supplier, we are concerned that counterfeit product, with such serious shortcomings, is readily available. We are committed to working with responsible industry partners to address what is potentially not only a risk to consumer safety, but a risk to the success and reputation of our industry.” We would urge all oil users to be extra vigilant when buying such products. If the price seems too good to be true, there’s usually a reason! Should you be worried or have any questions on a heating oil monitor, we would ask you to contact the manufacturer directly. For more industry news click here.