Commercial LPG: Ways to Use LPG in Your Business

Commercial LPG: Ways to Use LPG in Your Business

Commercial LPG is becoming one of the most popular energy choices for off grid businesses. It’s one of the most environmentally friendly fuel options, so you can keep your business running whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

Fork lift trucks

Fork lift trucks including stacker trucks, counter balance trucks, golf buggies and mowers have a number of different options in terms of fuel. The type of fuel that is used depends on the type of work that will be required. Fork lift trucks used in the food industry are often best run on LPG because it is a clean burning fuel which has low carbon emissions.factory workThe easiest way to store LPG for this type of commercial use is to have it delivered into a bulk tank which is located on-site. Companies like Northern Commercial LPG can install a bulk refuelling unit on your premises which will allow you to refuel whenever you need it.


LPG is a green and versatile option for the agricultural industry. The gas can be used for many different things in farming such as heating poultry sheds, allowing them to stay at the perfect temperature to increase productivity and reduce the risk of contamination.LPG is also used for other agricultural purposes such as burning and drying crops, and growing plants at a constant temperature.


LPG can be used in the hospitality sector for central heating, cooking and hot water. Some suppliers like Northern Commercial LPG offer a top up service to ensure your business has constant access to an LPG supply without you having to order it. If you are unsure as to whether or not your supplier offers this service, give them a call.

Holiday Parks

Holiday parks require LPG for different reasons such as heating, cooking, hot water for showers and swimming pools.Static homeWhether it’s a bulk LPG gas supply piped to each unit, or a supply for your shower block, Northern Commercial LPG can advise you on location, pipeline and metering systems to suit your needs.Northern Commercial LPG has been supplying the business sector since 1932 and continues to supply businesses throughout the North of England. To find out if your business could make savings on your annual fuel bill contact a member of our team on 01423 772789.