Do you work for an environmentally responsible company? As we spend an average of 40 hours per week at our places of work, practicing your energy saving techniques can help to improve your company’s energy efficiency and also lower their annual energy bills.

Energy saving tips at work

  • Car-share with other colleagues if possible- not only will you save money on fuel, but you will also do your bit to reduce pollution
  • Turn off the lights when leaving a room
  • Recycle waste
  • Ensure your employer has high efficiency appliances
  • Completely turn off your computer at the end of the day
  • Close all windows and doors if the heating is turned on
  • Turn off taps after use and make sure they aren’t dripping
  • Use the stairs instead of a lift if possible
  • If any unused rooms or corridors are heated, suggest the radiators are turned off as this can waste a significant amount of energy
  • Suggest that any radiators that are blocked with tables etc. are cleared as this can limit the amount of heat given off
The Carbon Trust, a world-leading independent organisation which helps businesses and the government to move towards a more sustainable, low carbon economy recently carried out research on energy efficiency in the workplace. The study highlighted how workplaces in the UK are wasting over six million tons of CO2 and missing out on more than £300m a year in savings that could be made through encouraging employees to reduce their energy and waste consumption.The study was carried out by surveying 1,135 UK employees and carrying out fieldwork in December 2013. The results showed that 97% of workers are concerned about the cost of energy at home, but only 47% are concerned about the cost of energy for their employer. Also, only 23% of employees have been asked to help save energy at work by their manager, and just 13% claim that they are rewarded by their employers for saving energy.The Carbon Trust believe that changing employee’s behaviour towards energy saving habits is cheap and the most effect way of reducing an organisation’s annual spend on energy.For more information visit the Carbon Trust’s website.