What are the benefits of using LPG to heat your homes and businesses?

What are the benefits of using LPG to heat your homes and businesses?

LPG is known for being versatile, clean and comparatively cheap. We take a look at some of the benefits of using LPG in and around your homes and businesses.

LPG is cleaner

At a time when European governments have been ordered to lower carbon emissions, LPG steps forward as the forerunner in low carbon alternatives to conventional fossil fuels. Council fleets, bus, tram and delivery companies must look into using cleaner fuels such as LPG to keep within pollution guidelines set by the European Union. When we say that LPG is cleaner, we refer to its high combustion efficiency, we refer to its low range CO2 emissions and low sulphur and nitrogen content. In the rare event of LPG ever being spilled, it will not cause environmental damage. LPG will turn from a liquid into a vapour when it meets air. Biofuel low emissions

LPG can be versatile

LPG can be used over a broad range of different possibilities. LPG proves itself useful both indoors and out, making it the ideal choice for domestic, business and leisure activities. LPG will run your car to the boating lake, it will run your boat to the caravan, and it will cook the food in your caravan whilst keeping you warm at the same time. Running a hotel – no problem, let LPG cook the food for your guests indoors or out whilst keeping them warm indoors or out, or even keep the pool warm for a dip. If you need a reliable fuel in plentiful supply that’s cheaper than all of its rivals, LPG will heat your home and supply you with a constant water and cooking temperature.

LPG the convenient fuel

LPG tanks can be stored underground, maintaining the look of a customer’s garden. LPG does not make noise, it does not smell and it does not make any mess. LPG boilers are generally a lot smaller than a conventional gas boiler and take up less space in your home. LPG is available in abundance, from a number of different suppliers with enough supply for millions around the world for the foreseeable future.

LPG is an economical fuel

Because the LPG supplier owns the tank, you don’t have to pay any costly installation charges or maintenance bills. You will however be asked to pay a small monthly rental charge. LPG remains one of the cheapest options for off grid customers, it burns cleanly ensuring true fuel efficiency. It’s now easier than ever to switch LPG supplier, click here to find out more.