Is summer a good time to get a boiler service?

Is summer a good time to get a boiler service?

We tend not to pay much attention to our heating systems during the warmer periods of the year, but it’s actually the most convenient time to carry out any maintenance, a boiler service or upgrades to newer, more-efficient models. It’s a common mistake to completely ignore the boiler and heating system during the warmer months as this may lead to problems when you need the heating most.Another reason why it can be such a good idea to fix these problems during the summer months is that engineers tend to be less busy, and can respond to calls sooner. If your boiler is due to be serviced, it is also good to schedule this for the summer months. Remember that you will need to switch your boiler off a few hours before your engineer is due.Heating system boiler You may be a landlord or homeowner that has to regularly pay for maintenance call out charges? By investing in the latest boiler technology now, families and landlords can save significant amounts of money in the longer term. By replacing a 10-year-old boiler with a new, efficient, boiler, you could reduce your property’s energy consumption by a third, saving up to £300 per year on your gas bill.Click here to find out what is included with a Northern Energy boiler service.

During the summer months remember;

Dust prevention

Run your boiler once a month during warmer periods. Like any machine, if your boiler is left idle, it will allow dust and grime to accumulate. Such contaminants can come from a number of different sources including corroded pipes, nearby cooking and general household dust. Now that our homes are perfectly sealed with double glazed windows and doors with insulated walls and loft space, it creates the perfect environment for dust to accumulate. When dust gathers, it can cause a blockage or interference with boiler components such as the pump. Set up a regular reminder or use the boiler’s timer system to create a monthly switch on.

Radiator Valves

It’s also recommended that you regularly open the thermostatic radiator valves during the warmer months. The packing inside the radiator valve can become stuck if it is out of use for too long. It’s suggested that you don’t take the risk of leaving your radiators switched off for months at a time and let water from the boiler flow through on monthly intervals.

Summertime Maintenance

When the cold weather strikes, it affects everybody at the same time. All across the country, boilers will fire up to ward off the dreaded cold and it is at this point that homeowners will discover any faults with their heating system. Speak to any heating service / repair engineer and ask when their busiest time of year is and they will tell you it’s the first sign of the cold season. To avoid the disappointment of not being able to access an available engineer, do the smart thing and have it seen to during the summer.

Recommendations for your heating system over the summer:

  • Switch your boiler on at least once a month.
  • Consider replacing your boiler for an A-rated appliance if yours is over 10 years old.
  • If you suspect any problems with your boiler call out an engineer before the weather turns (your appliance may still be under warranty).
  • Make sure your boiler has been serviced recently at least once a year (poorly maintained boilers are at a higher risk of carbon monoxide poisoning).
  • Remember to periodically use radiators allowing the thermostatic radiator valve to be opened.