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Oil vs LPG

Most off grid homes in the UK use oil for their central heating, but increasing numbers are choosing LPG to heat their homes.

Which is best for you?

Most off grid homes in the UK use oil for their central heating, but increasing numbers are choosing LPG to heat their homes. If you’ve purchased an off grid home and a modern heating system isn't already installed, or your boiler is coming to the end of its life, you may want to consider OIL Vs LPG and research which source of energy is going to best suit your future needs.  

There are pros and cons of using either option. Both oil and LPG central heating are highly efficient, giving you a great return on every unit of energy.  Whilst LPG has one of the lowest carbon emissions of all fossil fuels available to homes, both fuels produce significantly less Kg CO2 per unit /Kwh than standard grid sources.

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The Benefits of Using LPG

The Government’s Clean Growth Strategy aims to achieve clean growth and cut greenhouse emissions whilst ensuring an affordable energy supply to both consumers and businesses.   LPG is a cleaner, greener source with which to heat your home.

  • Cleaner & Greener – LPG produces less carbon dioxide than oil and coal. It is naturally non-toxic, and produces up to 90% less carbon monoxide and 50% less smog compared to mains natural gas. On top of that, as LPG readily evaporates, it poses no serious environmental risks in the event of a leak.
  • Convenient – LPG is delivered in tankers which can easily reach areas cut-off from the mains natural gas grid. LPG boilers are also more compact than other boilers and require less maintenance.
  • Safer – Though not without its risks, LPG usually contains an odorant, making it easier to detect leaks. 
  • Secure – LPG can’t be stolen in the same way as heating oil.  What’s more, because LPG is a non-contaminating fuel, it can be safely stored underground.

The Benefits of Oil Fired Central Heating

Being highly efficient, oil fired central heating gives a great return on every unit of energy and is generally the most cost effective method of heating your home in rural areas where there is no mains gas supply.

You own your tank so there is no tank rental fee to pay. The tank is often bought when the heating system is installed and usually comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.  Always check this with your tank supplier before purchasing your tank. With some other types of home heating fuels like LPG, tanks are usually rented from your LPG supplier, with rental costs varying from supplier to supplier

Most heating oil tanks are now ‘bunded’. This means that the tank is effectively ‘a tank within a tank’, making it more secure and reducing the risk of an oil spillage, providing the tank is in good condition.