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Our LPG Top-Up service means you never have to worry about running out of LPG again.

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Most frequenty asked LPG delivery questions

  • Do I need to be at home when you deliver my LPG?

    When we’re delivering your LPG to you, as long as we can get to your LPG storage tank, then no, not usually.  However, if you wish, we can let you know we’re coming the day before we plan to make an LPG refill in case you need to make access available, for instance.

    You can choose how we let you know – we can e-mail you, send you an SMS text message to your mobile phone, or just give you a buzz – whichever suits you best. All you need to do is let us know and rest assured we’ll contact you in advance so you can be ready for your LPG refill.


  • How can I pay for my LPG?

    Choose from a variety of ways to pay – whichever makes life easiest for you. 

    • By direct debit

    You can make life easy by paying for your LPG by Direct Debit.  Available to all LPG Package* customers you can either make a one-off payment for each delivery or spread the cost over interest-free monthly instalments. Plus you can enjoy VAT paid deliveries, our automatic refilling service and emergency boiler breakdown cover.

    • By Debit Card

    You can pay for your LPG by debit card over the phone with no extra charge for doing so. Please call our accounts department on 01423 770 170 to make your payment.

    • By Cheque

    We’re happy to receive your payment by cheque but please make sure that you write your Northern Energy account number on the back.

    *Terms and conditions apply

  • How do I switch supplier?

    Switching LPG supplier is quick and easy as we’ll do everything for you if you choose Northern Energy as your fuel supplier – the whole process is seamless and you can just sit back, relax, and leave it to us. You most likely won’t even need to change your LPG storage tank.

    All you need to do is check that you’ve come to the end of your contract with your current supplier. Don’t worry if you’re in an exclusivity contract as it can now only run for a maximum of two years. Also, if you find you’re still stuck in a contract, just let us know when it ends and we’ll get in touch nearer the time

    Here’s how to switch to Northern Energy:

    1. Get a quote by calling us or applying online
    2. We’ll talk to your current supplier
    3. We’ll tell you when the switch is done
    4. Sit back and wait for you LPG refill. It’s that simple!
  • How much notice is needed for an LPG delivery?

    We usually need up to four working days so we can process your order and deliver your LPG refill as part of a scheduled delivery. This allows us to make multiple deliveries within an area and reduce our carbon footprint by reducing the miles driven. 

    If you require your LPG storage tank filling on a specific date or your level reaches 30%, call our team on 01423 772 789 and we will try our very best to meet your requirements.