There are very specific rules now in place about where you can place your tank. So, if you’re having a new tank installed, it’s important to follow these rules as they are there for fire safety reasons, although it is highly unlikely a fire will originate in an oil tank. If you’d like help or advice, please call us on 01423 770 666 or email us at

Modern fuel storage tanks come in all shapes and sizes, but as long as you’re following the rules governing where a tank should be placed, you can choose to have one above or below ground.  However, it is important that your chosen tank is manufactured to OFTEC standards.

Oil tanks now have an expected working life of up to approximately 20 years.  We would recommend that an above ground tank is installed outside, and positioned to minimise the risk of pollution and maximise its security.  

Underground tanks are specifically designed and constructed for underground and should be buried partially or wholly underground.  Whilst saving you space, they are harder to maintain. There might also be a need for planning permission and recommendations by the Environment Agency’s Pollution Prevention Guidance note PPG 27 must be followed.