Heating oil tank regulations mean your domestic heating oil tank needs to be situated no less than 1.8 metres away from a building, at least 0.76 metres away from non-fire resistant boundaries such as wooden fences, and at least 0.6 metres away from any other screening such as plants or trees.

Central heating oil tanks can be installed underground if the tank is specifically constructed for underground use. Planning permission may be required to install an underground heating oil tank.

Your tank needs to be adequately structurally supported by a stable base that is adequate for the weight of your tank, is non-combustible, imperforate, and level, which will make the tank safe and also protect the environment. To comply with British Standards, the base material should be one of the following, laid on a hardcore base:

  • Concrete at least 100mm thick
  • Paving stones at least 50mm thick
  • Stonework at least 50mm thick

We’d be happy to put you in touch with an OFTEC registered oil heating engineer who will be able to advise you on the location of your heating oil tank. Alternatively, just give us a call on 01423 770 666 or read our blog on domestic oil tank installation and regulations.