If you’re needing a new central heating oil tank, whether to replace your existing tank or for a new installation, it’s important you choose the right size for your home and for your individual circumstances.  There are different domestic heating oil storage tanks available and tank regulations to think about too. You will need to consider where your heating oil tank is going to be located, whether you are space-limited, as well as how much fuel you will use and how often you would prefer to fill your central heating oil tank.

Heating oil tanks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The size of tank you will need will depend on the size of your property, the space available for locating the tank, and your heating requirements, for instance, whether you use it for heating, cooking, or both. If you are at home most of the time and have your oil central heating on all day, your consumption is likely to be higher than if you are at work all day and the heating is set to come on with a timer before you return home.

Then there's how much home heating oil you will order at at any given time, and the cost implication of lower quantity orders. The minimum delivery is 500 litres but being able to store more domestic heating oil may bring the benefit of being able to order more - larger volumes usually attract a lower unit pence per litre price.

Whatever size and type of tank you decide to buy, make sure it complies with OFTEC standards and we would always recommend you have it fitted by an OFTEC registered oil heating engineer. For advice on what size of tank will suit your requirements, call us on 01423 770 666 or read our blog for advice on domestic oil tank installation and regulations.