Our Premium Heating oil has been specially developed so that we can offer you the benefits of using only the best quality fuel.  Better and more efficient than standard home heating oil, it reduces fuel-related breakdowns and service problems as well as improving oil central heating boiler efficiency. Here are the benefits:

  • Lowers carbon & sludge build-up in your heating oil tank
  • Inhibits deposits forming when heated 
  • Keeps fuel fresher for longer
  • Reduces boiler service problems 
  • Prevents rust inside your oil fired central heating boiler 
  • Produces less harmful CO2 gases
  • Comes with carbon offsetting - we automatically offset your fuel with every order of our Premium Heating Oil.

So it's a win, win - saving money, helping the environment, and better for your boiler too! For more information, read our blog on 'How to reduce your environmental impact and save energy costs with Premium Heating Oil'.