Renewable Gases

They are the future of fuel because even though LPG is a low-energy carbon source, renewable gases (BioLPG (biopropane) and rDME) provide an affordable, convenient, and non-intrusive ‘drop-in’ solution to decarbonisation. 

We’re very excited to play our part in supporting the Government in its policy to hit net zero by 2050, and in its plans to make renewable gases available to homes and businesses across the country. Especially as they not only produce up to 90% less carbon, but are also renewable as they are made from a range of biological feedstocks and processes. What’s more, you can use renewable gases in your existing LPG boiler so there are no retrofit costs and no need to change your LPG storage tank. They work in exactly the same way as traditional LPG and give instant and affordable heat. 

Here’s why renewable gases are so exciting:

  • They are renewable, so therefor more environmentally friendly
  • They are made from a diverse mix of biological feedstocks and processes
  • They are low carbon
  • They reduce carbon emissions by up to 90% and carry the same low NOx, SOx and PM as conventional LPG
  • Boilers are renewable gas ready
  • Your existing boiler can use them so there’s no retrofit costs.
  • You get instant heat
  • You can enjoy immediate heat or hot water on tap