No two homes are the same, and different people have different requirements and LPG usage. Choosing the right tank for you and your needs will depend on several factors, including the space available, and your intended use - which is why both above-ground and underground LPG tanks are available, and in a range of tank sizes.

Above-ground LPG tanks are easy to install in the grounds of your property, whereas underground LPG tanks are buried in your garden and as such hidden from view with no loss of garden space. Whilst often preferred for aesthetic reasons, they do require more upfront installation work. Whichever sort of tank you choose, it must be installed in line with LPG tank installation regulations UK whilst ensuring that it's accessible both for your LPG refills and for tank maintenance.

We can provide expert advice on which LPG storage tank is best suited to you and where is best to locate it based on your LPG tank size, your individual requirements and to ensure your driver can reach your LPG storage tank when making an LPG refill.