Not necessarily - read our blog to find out when's a good time to buy your heating oil.

The price of kerosene heating oil is volatile and goes up and down on a daily basis. It is determined by many factors including the price of crude oil which varies as a consequence of international events, although traditionally, in winter, extreme bad weather and seasonal demand can have an impact on heating oil prices. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has resulted in sharp price rises worldwide, and may well result in further increases in domestic heating oil prices. We recommend filling up your heating oil tank in summer and topping up in winter!

Our sophisticated degree day system solves this for our automatic refill customers. Specially designed to give peace of mind and the convenience that you will never run out of heating oil, it's available as one of the benefits of our Premium Package*. And it comes with a 2 pence per litre discount on every delivery too.

To find out more, call us on 01423 770 666 or email helpoil@northernenergy.co.uk

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