It’s important to look after your tank as heating oil is toxic and harmful to the environment. A damaged tank can also lead to huge costs for repairs, replacement and even fines for spillages and leaks.

The Environment Agency, together with OFTEC and UKIFDA, the trade association for the liquid fuels distribution industry in the UK, has produced a guide to looking after your above-ground oil storage tank and avoiding pollution. Click here to download their PDF guide.

You should check your tank regularly – we would recommend once a month and each time you order your fuel. Follow these simple steps:

  • Look for corrosion, damage, interference or for signs of a leak. 
  • Check for bulges, deep scratches, cracks, discolouration or rust – remember if your tank is metal, it can rust from the inside out. 
  • Look for any oil that may be leaking from pipes, valves and seams.
  • Check regularly to make sure the lid is tightly closed to stop water getting in.
  • Make sure the tank is accessible for delivery drivers, maintenance and repairs. Cutting back branches and removing obstacles will help to prevent your tank from getting damaged.
  • Check the tank base for cracks or signs of subsidence.
  • If your tank is bunded, check the bund for liquid or rubbish.

If you have a concern, we can put you in touch with a qualified OFTEC engineer who will be happy to come and check your tank to put your mind at rest. Our drivers can also offer advice when they deliver.