General LPG

It's quick and easy to find out how much fuel you've got left in your LPG storage tank - read our quick guide on checking your fuel levels.

Whether your tank is above ground or is an underground LPG tank, just follow the steps below:

    1. Look for a fuel gauge which will either be under your tank's cover or have a cover of its own. Just lift back the lid or cover on the top of the tank.
    2. The black pointer indicates how much LPG is in the tank.fuel gauge example

The numbers are a percentage of how full your tank is - 85% is considered full as room is left for LPG propane gas expansion on hot days.

You're running low if the gauge is less than 20% (in the red section), but we'd advise you to call for an LPG refill when your level reaches 30% if you aren't expecting a delivery. It's best to get in touch and ask for one as soon as possible

If you see two dials, one of these is a pressure gauge showing bar measurements from 0 to 4. If it's at 0 this means your tank is empty. Call us immediately on 01423 772 789 and we'll get to you as soon as we can. Or with our My Account, which comes as one of the benefits of our LPG Package, you can order a top up - and much more! To register, please just give us a call.