It’s easy:

  1. Switch the Watchman on and off. You will see a serial number followed by a lower case R which stands for Reset.
  2. Unscrew and remove the power tube (battery), wait for 2 minutes and then screw the battery back on. 
  3. Turn on the unit inside. ...within a few minutes the Watchman should display the level of oil in your tank.

What the signs mean:

F = Full

Red Light Flashing = No Signal

Red Flashing Light = Tank is low on fuel

Fluid Level Low & “BAT LOW” = New power tube needed

C = Connection fault replacement needed


 To Change the Watchman battery:

  1. Switch off your Watchman display in the house
  2. Unscrew your existing battery from the transmitter on the tank
  3. Fit the new battery. Wait for 5 minutes
  4. Switch your Watchman display back on