The location of your heating oil tank is very important - locating your tank in a place where it is not easily visible is recommended. Other measures you could consider include:

  • If your heating tank is visible, consider planting bushes (must be at least 0.6 metres away from your tank), or constructing a fence around it (at least 0.76 metres away). However, access will be required for maintenance and filling and this needs to be considered when erecting and screening.
  • Security lighting which may startle any trespassers and discourage intruders, and could alert you to their presence if your heating oil tank is within sight of your home, and/or CCTV can be good deterrents, or even consider a ‘Beware of the dog’ sign.
  • Tank locks can be fitted to the cap of your tank. These should be high-quality padlocks – round shackle padlocks are recommended because they have a close shackle that’s difficult to access with bolt cutters.
  • If you do not already have one, consider changing to a bunded tank. Bunded tanks make stealing fuel more complicated as thieves have to penetrate both the outer tank and the inner tank.