Here are some simple steps to make sure your oil is safe and secure:

  • Make sure your oil tank is hidden from the road, although remember your delivery driver needs to be able to gain access to the tank. 
  • Security lighting offers great protection at night.
  • Consider installing a CCTV system.
  • If you have a drive with gates, keep them closed and locked. 
  • Ensure all gates and fences are kept in good repair.
  • Secure your tank with good quality close shackle padlocks.
  • Remove and secure any tools or ladders which could be used.
  • Remote electronic oil level gauges are now available which emit an audible alarm to a unit plugged inside your house if the fuel level suddenly drops.
  • Consider changing to a bunded tank (if you do not already have one) which is much more complicated to gain access to – though it is still possible.