Oil fired central heating oil tanks come in a range of shapes and sizes but whatever your tank size, it's a good idea to regularly check your heating oil level. One of the simplest and most accurate ways is to use a dipstick. A clean garden cane which is not warped will do the trick - simply remove the heating oil tank lid and gently lower the cane into your tank until it touches the bottom, and when removed it will show how many inches of home heating oil you have left in the bottom of your tank in much the same way as when you use the engine dipstick on your car.

Some heating oil tanks are fitted with a sight gauge, a clear plastic tube on the side of the tank. The domestic heating oil level in the tank is clearly visible through this clear plastic tube, although over time, the tube can become discoloured, making it difficult to read the heating oil level.

Keeping an eye on your heating oil levels can be a bit of an inconvenience, especially in cold winter months and on dark evenings. We would recommend keeping things nice and simple with a heating oil tank gauge. Our smart oil monitor, OilFox, comes with a simple-to-use app on your smartphone and is an easy and reliable way to monitor your domestic heating oil levels 24/7, saving you the hassle of having to trek out into your garden and check your heating oil tank. Simple to install, it provides live monitoring of your central heating oil level, and sends a low level alert to help you avoid running out of fuel. And if your level suddenly drops due to oil theft or an oil leak, you'll also receive an alert.

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