LPG deliveries

Most definitely not, there’s nothing extra to pay. As with everything in our LPG Package, there are no additional costs or fees involved (except tank rental fees). Everything is included in the price you pay. The automatic refilling system allows us to be smarter and greener with our deliveries, and in turn, helps us to keep costs down which we pass onto you.

Our automatic refill service frees you from the hassle of ordering your LPG and gives peace of mind that you will never run out of LPG when you most need it.  We'll do it all for you and also plan deliveries that tie in with other customers in your area, allowing us to be more efficient and in turn cut down on excess emissions from our tankers.  Win, win!

And what's more, we can let you know when we're coming the day before you're delivery is scheduled.  We can send you a text, email you or give you a quick call - the choice is yours.