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Northumberland LPG

LPG across Northumberland

As your independent LPG supplier in Northumberland, we’re here to give you great service and value so you’ve got the fuel you need to heat your home, and have hot water on tap 24/7. No matter how remote or off the beaten track you are, we’ll make sure that even though you’re off the National Grid, you’ve got the fuel you need, whenever you need it.

Switch today

Like to switch over to Northern Energy, but worried it’ll be too much hassle? Well think again. It couldn’t be easier. In fact, all you have to do is check you’ve come to the end of your contract with whoever currently supplies your LPG. Then we’ll do the rest. Also, don’t worry if you think you’re stuck in an exclusivity contract. There have been changes in legislation which means you’re only tied into it for a maximum of two years.