Auto refilling service 

Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all customers on the Automatic Refilling Service operated by Northern Energy for the supply of domestic heating oil (the Product):

  1. By you agreeing to our Automatic Refilling Service, Northern Energy shall supply you, (the Customer), with domestic heating oil under our Automatic Refilling Service at regular intervals in line with your individual pattern of usage, to ensure that you do not run out of heating oil. The Automatic Refilling Service is available to homeowners who use a minimum of 1,600 litres of heating oil per annum, and will come into effect once your delivery pattern has been established and we will write to advise you accordingly.
  2. As a member of our Automatic Refilling Service, you are free to place an order for fuel with Northern Energy at any time.
  3. You may, if you wish, receive prior notification of deliveries the day before the delivery is due to be made by a choice of methods to suit your individual requirements, i.e. telephone call, SMS text message or email. This will offer you the opportunity to enquire as to the current price of heating oil, and also make access to your property/tank available if appropriate.
  4. Should you not wish to proceed with the delivery, you must notify Northern Energy as soon as possible, but no later than 8.30am on the morning that the delivery is due to be made.
  5. The product shall be supplied at a price in line with Northern Energy’s current market rate at the time of the delivery and with regard to the place it is to be delivered to and any other business factors affecting Northern Energy at that time.
  6. Payment will be made by the agreed method of direct debit, either by monthly interest-free instalments, or alternatively by a variable direct debit which will collect the full amount due on the 10th of the month following the month of delivery.
  7. Following each delivery, a statement will be forwarded, for variable direct debit customers, at the beginning of the month following the month in which the fuel is delivered, or for monthly direct debit customers, a minimum of six-monthly.
  8. Title to goods supplied remains the property of Northern Energy until all sums due to the Company for that Product are paid. Any risk relating to the product is that of Northern Energy until such time as the Product has been delivered into your tank, at which time the risk passes from Northern Energy to you.
  9. In the event that Northern Energy is unable to make a planned delivery of heating oil, whether this is due to an issue arising at your premises or for any other reason Northern Energy shall not be held liable for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused to you as a result of failure to deliver the Product.
  10. This agreement shall remain in effect until such time as it is terminated in writing by either party. At the point of termination of the agreement, any outstanding balance for Product previously delivered will become due for payment immediately.
  11. In the event of any dispute arising in respect of a delivery of the Product or of the quantity supplied, our Complaints Procedure can be viewed on our website.  Should you wish to make a formal complaint, you can write to our Customer Service team at our Head Office and we will endeavour to respond to you within 2 working days. Should you not be happy with the outcome of your dispute, you may refer your complaint to Utilities ADR, a division of Consumer Dispute Resolution Limited, who is authorised by the Government under the Alternative Dispute Resolution service for consumer disputes (Competent Authorities and Information) Regulations 2015 to provide an independent review of complaints and dispute resolution service. Utilities ADR can be contacted at 12-14 Walker Avenue, Stratford Office Village, Wolverton Mill, Milton Keynes, MK12 4TW, Tel: 0203 598 7390, or by email at