How efficient is LPG?

LPG is a gas mixture of propane and butane often used to fuel heating and cooking appliances as well as vehicles. Additionally, it is used in various industries ranging from transportation to agriculture due to its environmental credentials and efficiency. There are a wide range of benefits for using LPG over traditional power sources.


Due to the security of the natural gas and crude oil industries, Europe is almost completely self-sufficient in LPG. With a consistently growing supply of LPG, European countries are safe from the risk of demand exceeding supply. In particular, LPG is produced in surplus in the UK.Because LPG could be transported to any area of the world with ease, it is accessible to everyone without major infrastructure additions or changes. It is typically transported in cylinders or bulk tanks by trucks, boats, or trains. Ease of transport and storage makes LPG a smart choice for consumers.


Compared to top energy sources on the market, LPG is both economically and environmentally efficient:
  • LPG burns hotter than most commonly-used fuels, allowing for greater cost efficiency compared to other sources. In fact, LPG is up to five times more efficient than other energy sources.
  • Throughout the world, LPG has established a reputation as one of the most efficient sources of fuel. LPG was shown to be the most efficient energy option in Europe for water heating and in Japan for space heating. In India, it was shown to be the most efficient fuel option for cooking. In the Americas, LPG was proven to have higher efficiency than diesel or natural gas in distributed power generation.
  • A by-product of natural gas and crude oil, LPG produces less carbon emissions than coal or heating oil. It also reduces emissions of hazardous pollutants.
  • In the home, LPG can reduce carbon emissions by 1.5 tonnes a year.
  • LPG is also environmentally sensible on a larger scale. A study conducted by UKLPG concluded that usage of LPG as an alternative energy source could cut carbon emissions in Britain significantly by 2030.

LPG at Home

LPG is currently used as a fuel source by 150,000 homes in the UK for many reasons:
  • A convenient and efficient energy source, LPG can be transported by road and stored in a tank on any property.
  • An LPG boiler is an excellent source of heating for any home, and could also be used outdoors for patio heating or camping equipment.
  • A fast and clean energy option, LPG also makes for an ideal fuel source for indoor and outdoor cooking.
  • The portability and efficiency of LPG makes it a smart energy choice for any home.