Advantages of using LPG over other fuels

Many people are not aware of the option of using LPG or they have heard of LPG and they aren't sure what it is. There are a number of choices available when it comes to heating homes and businesses and one of these options is LPG. There are advantages to home and business owners who choose LPG over other fuels. What is LPG and what are the advantages it brings? Cooking Natural Boiling Pan Blue Flame Read on to find out more:

What is LPG?

Before learning about the advantages of LPG, it is important that you understand what LPG is. LPG is similar to natural gas, a popular energy source, but it is made of a different chemical compound. Though LPG and natural gas are both considered to be hydrocarbons, LPG is made of propane or butane, which gives it advantages over natural gas and even oil heat. In normal conditions, LPG is a gaseous material but it is often stored under pressure that turns it into a liquid. This makes it very easy to transport, one of the many advantages of LPG over other energy sources.

Advantages of LPG Over Other Energy Sources

  • LPG is easy to transport
  • It has a higher heating value, allowing you to heat your home at a lower price.
  • LPG doesn't contain sulphur, so it burns a lot cleaner than energy resources like oil.
  • Liquid Petroleum Gas burns consistently, making it more reliable than other forms of energy.
  • LPG is also perfect for those who don't have access to natural gas lines. Since it is easily transported and even able to be stored underground with little danger, many UK households will find advantages.
  • Finally, you will find that LPG is more environmentally friendly than other sources of energy. Though all energy sources will release carbon dioxide, when compared to oil, LPG only releases 81% of the carbon dioxide that oil does. When compared to coal, another energy option, LPG only releases 70% of the carbon dioxide.