What is ‘Boiler Lockout’?

A boiler lockout means that your boiler has shut down. When a boiler lockout occurs, it stops working and the display will flash up with an error code to inform you of the fault. Look out for error codes and flashing lights (red or green) to determine boiler lockout. Boiler LOCK

What will cause ‘boiler lockout’?

Whilst oil boilers have an excellent service record, boiler lock out can occur, and an older boiler will be more prone to boiler lockout than more modern models.  A boiler can lock out for several reasons, such as you’ve run out of heating oil, there’s been a power cut, low pressure or a more serious safety issue. Another cause could be an extreme change in boiler pressure, this may occur with a sludge blockage. Our Premium Heating Oil actually reduces sludge build up and prevents corrosion of integral boiler components, prolonging the life of your boiler and making the fuel last longer. ‘Boiler lockout’ may have occurred due to a catastrophic component failure within the system. If in any doubt whatsoever we would always recommend you call an OFTEC registered technician. Alternatively call Northern Energy on 01423 770 666 and we will help you find an engineer.

What do I do if my boiler is ‘locked out’?

1.      Read the fault code

Consult your boiler manual. If you don’t still have the manual, enter the boiler model name and error code into an internet search engine. The chances are you aren’t the first person to have this problem. Information on this error or videos on how to put it right will be available.

2.      Reset

On confirmation of ‘boiler lockout’, you will first try the reset button. Again, if you don’t have the manual to locate the reset button, try an internet search. In the majority of cases, the boiler will fire back into life, but if you are having to press the reset button several times, there may be a more serious issue and we would always recommend you contact an OFTEC engineer to get it checked out.

3.      Check your oil tank

  • Your oil tank may have run empty.
  • Your oil level may have run so low that the sludge formed at the bottom of your tank has entered the boiler system.
  • There may be damage to pipework between the tank and the boiler.

 Have your boiler serviced regularly

Your boiler should receive (at least) an annual service. Boilers should be serviced annually or in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure they run to their maximum efficiency, for safety and to check for carbon monoxide emissions. Black carbon particles will build up on boiler components and reduce the boiler’s efficiency. We would always recommend you fit an audible carbon monoxide detector, and these can be purchased online from OFTEC direct.

Use the best fuels available

Our Premium Heating Oil contains additives:

·         Anti-oxidants

·         Dispersants

·         Detergents

·         Corrosion inhibitors

·         Metal de-activators

·         Fuel stabilisers

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