Preventing Commercial Fuel Theft – Our Tips

Preventing Commercial Fuel Theft – Our Tips

Victims of commercial fuel theft are not only liable to loss of money from the theft of fuel, but also the additional costs of replacing damaged tanks and severed fuel lines.

Keep your fuel safe

Although commercial fuel thefts are rare, it is good practice to take precautionary measures to safeguard your fuel supply. commercial fuel theft By following these simple steps, you can ensure your tank and the fuel within it stay safe from thieves:

  • Keep your tank hidden or disguised from public view. Trees, fencing and foliage are all great ways to simply conceal your tank. (Although remember your tank still needs to be accessible to your delivery driver)
  • Add CCTV cameras around your property to act as a deterrent. Ensure that these cameras are visible.
  • If your building has a gate, ensure that this is kept closed and locked to keep opportunist thieves at bay
  • Consider securing your tank with a good quality lock that can withstand bolt cutters - however, thieves have been known to drill holes into tanks and even cut the fuel line, which will result in the need for a costly new tank!
  • A good quality security light can offer additional protection when it gets dark or at night
  • Upgrade to a bunded tank (a tank inside a tank) – this will make it more difficult for thieves to gain access to your fuel supply
  • Consider using a remote electronic oil gauge. This device will sound an alarm inside your building if your fuel levels drop unexpectedly
  • Check that your insurance policy covers you for commercial fuel theft.

Remember – these tips are not meant to worry you. They have been shared as preventative measures that are worth putting in place to protect your fuel supply and tank from potential thieves.